About Us
Meet The TEAM Leader
We are driven by a simple understanding that a dealer can never see what the customer "viewpoint image" of their business is. With that in mind, we provide a menu of services (Click “The BOS” and review our Menu of Services) that provides help in virtually all departments of a business. We offer over 80 operational services that positively impact every section of a store. Services range from simple phone advice to full dealer assessment and stabilization processes. With combined experience of nearly 60 years Channel Ideas advice is more than talk. When visiting your business we know what to look for. We don't just talk the talk, we "walk the walk".
Channel Ideas was founded by Neil Frame nearly 20 years ago. The company has offered business operational services to retail businesses with heavy influence for dealers in the Powersports, Outdoor Power, Ag, Marine and Auto industries.
Neil spent 27 years in dealerships working all departments and finally as General Manager honing his skills. For 13 years he served as General Manager of a nationally recognized Dealer Management Software company servicing Powersports, Auto, Outdoor Power, Marine and RV Dealers.
“Knowledge is Power” Neil Frame will provide both the solutions and training to move your business towards a more profitable and organized operation. “The B.O.S.” (B)usiness (O)peration (S)ervices We are focused on assessing an entire operation and then recommending solutions that will result in bringing your business an industry leadership role in your community no matter how large or small your marketing area is.