Message on Hold Commercial Production
Every time you have a customer on hold you have an opportunity to promote your company, the products you carry or the upcoming promotion. Why would you want anything else? Channel Ideas will produce professional messages that can be on CD or run on provided pc software that plugs directly into your phone system. All you need to do each month is determine what specials and events you wish to promote and we do the rest. you can write the script or we will. Imagine every time a customer calls and holds you are accomplishing the same thing you ask your staff to do when with friends. every day, every minute.
For years you have relied on advertising and word of mouth to build your business. For all the money you have spent, have you put effort into making your “phone on hold” message more than music, or worse yet, dead silence? We think you can spend a few minutes a month and change the customer experience to a positive message.
Get your message across and make the wait for the customer seem shorter · Tie the message to your print, radio and TV advertising · Change your messages as often as you wish · Can be used with virtually any phone system · Be confident you are effectively communicating with your customers
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Make it Easy...Make it Professional When thinking about your company message and how it is perceived are you confident you deliver the best image? Worse yet, have you really considered what is being seen and heard on your Phone Message, Web Site and Advertising? Channel Ideas will work with you to accomplish the "Message Synergy" major corporations have...and it can be done simply with our help. The best part is you won't have to pay major corporate fees. We offer everything from one time production to monthly and campaign services. Click on the Audio Samples section to the left on this page to get an idea of what we can do for you.