B.O.S. (B)usiness (O)peration (S)ervices
The B.O.S. Team will make the difference you need to survive, thrive and win!
B.O.S. is the ultimate solution for businesses that wish to realize the highest level of success. First we hold multiple conference calls where we meet with you and your management team. Our Goal is to have a “start-up” action plan. Next we plan a visit to your store. During the visit we assess your physical plant, review inventory, audit the services you provide and interview your staff. All of this is done in order to prepare a written assessment of your business operations. By the end of our meeting we will have advice and bullet point solutions to bring your business to the top of performance.
For a fraction of one employee, you will get experienced professionals that can make the operations of the dealership work to its optimal efficiency and align people and business system reporting to great decisions. At the beginning we analyze what your needs are and then propose a plan of attack. We come to your store and "roll up our sleeves" to make the difference. Give us a call today to discuss what your needs are and what we can propose for your dealership
Since the inception of the first dealership we have watched ideas come and go. Some consultants believe that having a "cute" new idea will get them business. Channel Ideas, "BOS." (B)usiness (O)peration (S)ervices is different. We believe that just getting the cute new idea in the store may not solve anything! In fact, it may damage the flow you have in your dealership. So how can we help? What makes us different? If you are asking those questions...GREAT!!! Read on. Neil Frame and his associates has spent decades in dealerships helping through Operation Services. We are the guys you would like to hire to run your dealership but cannot afford...well, fact is you can. Actually you can't afford not to hire us.
What are the guys that are professionals in merchandising, marketing, management and departmental training worth? Add to that, Neil and his associates have worked on the floor and behind the counter in each department of dealerships much like yours. We know your business and can see it from the outside...just like a customer. Using our experience we will make the operational strategy changes that simply put the additional profits to the bottom line.
“Knowledge Is    Power” See Our Menu Of Services See Our Menu Of Services
Channel Ideas has created two powerful services that provide answers to any retail dealer. The first is our B.O.S. full assessment, policies and procedures solution. Very intense and successful. Our second solution is TEAM Business Group. This is a totally new and innovative way to make business groups actually work!